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School Management System


“Education is the Key to Success” keeping this marvelous quote in mind our extremely talented minds have developed three different models School Management Software comprising of more than 30+ Features, ISS Cloud, ISS Desktop & SMS the classic each app can cover needs or a small, mid or large-scaled school or institute, making us the best School Management System provider for a 360 Degree Visibility and Administration of any Institution. Our products are comprehensive School Automation Softwares offered by Bizjust that provides you with numerous benefits out of which some are stated below. School Management Software all three models are integrated with modern techniques and next generation technologies that help to handle and manage all school/Institute tasks and activities under a single roof.

There is a bunch of benefits that makes ISS surprisingly unique. School Management System gives you almost unlimited benefits, out of which some are stated below.

Unique Academic Backup System

24/7 Technical Support

Increases Enrollment

Easy Sorting/Retrieving of Data

Simplified Education

Best & User-friendly

Completes the organizational data

Virtualization saves a lot of time for both students & teachers

Improves Internal security of school by saving full visitors record

Streamlines the educational process

Strengthen relationship with parents

Reduces communication costs

Better insights of all departments

Increases productivity with efficiency

Greater security through access control

And much more